Offshore-Plattform DolWin3

Foto: Sebastian Köhler /

The customer

TenneT TSO is a German subsidiary of the Dutch power grid operator Tennet and operates a high voltage grid (220 kV and 380 kV) in Germany with a total length of approximately 11,000 kilometers. This covers 40 percent (140,000 km²) of the area in Germany and indirectly supplies electricity to about 20 million people.

The project

The offshore platform "DolWin 3" is an HVDC converter platform in the north of Borkum in the North Sea. It converts the alternating current generated by the wind parks "Merkur" and "Borkum-Reef-Grund II" into direct current and transmits it to the land station by high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission.

For the safety systems operated on this platform we designed and manufactured switchgear cabinets and connected the cables on the platform. In addition to a wide range of junction boxes and control cabinets spread over the entire platform, this includes the fire alarm system, the inert gas extinguishing system, as well as the control cabinets for fire fighting automation.

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