Kraftwerk Moorburg

Bild: © Ajepbah / Wikimedia Commons / Lizenz: CC-BY-SA-3.0 DE

The customer

Vattenfall is currently the fourth largest electricity company in Germany and operates, alongside other cities, the electricity and district heating grid in Hamburg.

The project

The Moorburg coal-fired power plant in the Moorburg district of Hamburg is one of the most modern and efficient power plants in Europe and is primarily used to generate electricity. With its almost 1700 megawatts it is able to cover almost the entire electricity requirement of Hamburg.

With specially trained personnel in the field of the commissioning of ventilation systems, we have assisted the data point test and function samples of externally installed control cabinets and systems in order to ensure a start-up on schedule. Part of this task was also on-call duty and emergency call-offs for troubleshooting during test operation.

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