No plant is like the other, no project has the same framework conditions. Likewise, each customer has his own ideas about how his plant shall look, be built and later be served.

We respond to customer requirements and offer customized concepts for realization. With our experience, we are also on hand to provide you advice for the best possible results. We realize complex plants in the shortest possible time and rely on tried-and-tested technology which has convinced us in the course of the year that price, performance and durability are in the best relationship.


Beside switchboards, circuit diagrams are our most important sign. We place high demands on ourselves as far as layout, design and level of detail are concerned - our customers appreciate this. Well-structured and meaningful, the operation and maintenance of your systems are significantly simplified.

Our personnel supervise the projects from beginning to end, make arrangements with site management and other trades, so that a problem-free and reliable implementation is always guaranteed.

  • Conceptual design
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Topologies
  • P&ID schematics
  • Revision
  • Cabinets
  • Terminal boxes
  • Fire indicator panels
  • Control panels
  • Network cabinets
  • Smoke extraction systems with bus technology
  • Conversion of stock plans
  • Cable and field device labels
  • Wiring diagrams for US export
  • Documentation of fire detection systems


Our core competences are control and power cabinets for various automation systems in industry and building control technology, which we also assemble and offer with a rated current ​​of more than 1600A. A lot of experience and know-how for IT and network cabinets enable us to offer you also cabinets for the associated infrastructure. These have particularly convinced our customers in the past. Our portfolio is rounded off by control cabinets for fire detection and fire extinguishing systems for the onshore and offshore wind industry.

We do not limit our switchboard construction to our own planning. We implement foreign-planned systems with the same standards of cleanliness and quality as our own. We pay special attention to the guidelines and specifications of our clients. Completely tested and "ready for plug-in" we deliver on time.


As a SIEMENS Solution Partner, we create solutions for the operation and monitoring of building systems. Good handling and energy efficiency are the main focus.

We automate simple and complex systems of building technology and know what is important. With a great deal of know-how and many years of experience, we develop customized solutions that are not only efficient in cost and energy consumption, but also adapted to the needs of our customers. In addition to our plant automation, we also provide visualization.

  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Visualization
  • Data point test
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization
  • New plants
  • Migration
  • Maintenance


Individually adapted to the tasks, we put together a commissioning team, which has a great experience especially in your field, that supports you or take over the commissioning completely. The parameterization of frequency converters is also part of this task area, as is the setting of limit values ​​as well as control parameters.

Safety devices such as pressure monitoring and displays are also checked for mechanical function by moving the measuring range with our mobile test equipment with a nitrogen pressure bottle, thus resulting in a "armed release" in order to ensure the greatest possible reliability and safety in the event of an emergency.

Process engineering commissioning is carried out in close co-operation and coordination with other trades, so that nothing hampers a smooth progress. If necessary, it is of course possible to start up in shifts or a 24-hour on-call service.

  • Data point test
  • Loop check
  • Calibration
  • Parameterization
  • Safety equipment
  • 24-hour on-call


We have focused on process automation for process engineering and building automation. For service in this area, our service team carries out routine maintenance and maintenance work, and is immediately available in case of failures or malfunctions.

Our standby service is available to our customers around the clock:
+49 172/79 85-031

  • District heating transfer stations
  • Building management systems
  • Controller, PLC and DDC
  • P&ID and control schematics
  • Revision
  • Automation systems and single devices
  • Control and switchgear cabinets
  • Data processing systems
  • Control panels
  • Network cabinets
  • Electrical equipment and portable devices
  • Components of HVA/C systems
  • Revision in existing systems
  • Wiring diagrams for US export
  • Documentation of fire detection systems

Let us advise you individually about our service! We will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for you after a visit and a personal meeting.


The reputation for good quality and low prices has attracted a lot of companies and is becoming more and more established. In order to be more cost-effective and competitive at the same time, we develop customized systems that will help you improve the quality and productivity of your business. No matter in which direction you want - increasing quality, productivity, or throughput - we can help you.

But sometimes it is not about quality or price, but about fulfilling a task, for which there is still no solution on the market. We have already satisfied a large number of customers with completely different and individual solutions. Our portfolio is very broad:

  • Customized brackets
  • Fire indicator panels
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Electronic components
  • Automatic cabinet testing
  • Display and control units

Just ask us and let us advise you individually!

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