The QM system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 was introduced to WALLUSZEK GmbH in order to achieve company objectives. This is an integrated system, which includes all related operational processes from the offer, through the planning and realization up to the handover including the warranty and maintenance. The specific requirements of our customers are the stimulus and obligation to design our process flows.

The top management takes account of the effectiveness of the quality management system and ensures that the defined quality policy and quality line correspond to the organization's context and strategic equipment. In order to achieve the objectives, the necessary resources are made available, the necessary staff is deployed, guided and supported.

The top management is responsible for the fact that the requirements resulting from the QM manual are sufficiently known to the employees and are taken into account in the fulfillment of the tasks. It also ensures that the process-oriented approach as well as risk-based thinking are applied to company planning and constantly promotes improvement in all areas.

"The satisfaction of our customers determines the success of our company."

Customer requirements and customer expectations are determined and specified in the form of defined requirements, with the aim of achieving the customer's trust in the delivered service. Customer requirements and customer expectations are determined by:

  • Market analyzes and market surveys
  • Survey of customers and business partners
  • Individual determination in the quotation phase

The employees of our company have the responsibility to ensure that customer requirements and customer expectations are implemented in defined requirements and fulfilled to the satisfaction of the customers by monitoring and controlling the relevant processes.


Quality management is an integral part of our company philosophy, which we not only carry on the paper, but also live on a daily basis.
99.9% of our products and services reach our customers without complaints.


For a better understanding of our employees, we treat the term "quality policy" as equal to company philosophy.


We would like to offer all employees an attractive and future-oriented workplace.


Every employee has the right to qualification and further education in order to meet the requirements of technical development and our customers.


We promote and support family policy with flexible working hours, homeoffice solutions and occupational retirement provisions.


We commit ourselves to do everything in work and health protection in order to protect the employees from health damage.


Training young people is part of the company philosophy. We guarantee an annual training place as an electronics engineer for automation technology and a study place as a bachelor for automation technology.

Quality management

Quality management is a key component of our company policy. It maps our processes, without generating a QM overhead.


We provide 100% of our core competences to our customers. We adapt to the needs and wishes, support them and work in a solution-oriented way, taking account to their temporal assumptions.


We strive for a long-term and valuable cooperation with our customers and do not orient ourselves to profit-maximized projects.


We will cooperate with all customers, partners and suppliers in an open, honest and correct manner. We do not give any benefits to anybody or take advantage of benefits given to us to the detriment of other parties.


WALLUSZEK GmbH will develop into an employer brand in which the identity, the values ​​and goals, as well as the culture of the company, lead to personal satisfaction and the opportunity for personal development in every employee.

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